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Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Well once again it's been awhile but my friend is home. She was moved home on Friday, March 27th and is doing good. Sunday I and another friend went to visit with her and got her living room fixed up so she can get around in it and get to needed items and then we went grocery shopping for her. We were getting ready to leave when we realized the door had been left open and we couldn't find her declawed cat but no worries the poor dear was hiding under the couch scared we were going to move them again.

The weekend of March 27th was Technicon ( a Science Fiction convention at which I am the Dealers Chair and I also run the Yeager Table. The Yeager Table raises money to help with Rising Star ( which is a fall Science Fiction convention which raises money for a scholorship. A lot of my son's friends showed up and helped with moving tables, chairs and desks around. They are a great group of kids and were very polite. We all had a good time and a great turn out.

This past Saturday was our after Convention picnic which was very windy but not terribly cold. We had a good time there.

I am almost done with my son's Linux Illusion Scarf and hope to have it done in the next few days.

One of my other friends is pregnant with her 4th child so I will be starting a baby blanket for her and still have a wedding blanket to knit for a couple getting married in June. I feel like I do nothing but knit for babies and weddings.

May all have a blessed day.

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