Friday, June 26, 2009

Marrige & Death

Well it's been a busy time the past couple of months. I finished my Lace Ribbon Scarf and as soon as it's blocked I will take pictures and post them. The owner of Mosaic (local yarn shop) had her baby girl on June 10th and both are doing great. My friend with the stroke and I went in together and got the mother a diaper bag from L.L. Bean which will make a nice knitting bag in a few years. My friend that had a stroke got to go to her son's wedding (he's my friend as well) and she even got to dance with him at the reception. I wish that we could've gone but we already had plans to be in South Carolina for South East Linux Fest (SELF '09). While dh and ds were enjoying themselves at the computer convention I went out and knitted with a local yarn shop for Knitting in Public day and then did a little shopping at their shop. I have almost finished a baby sweater for a co worker who's wife is due in November and learned over the past weekend that one of my cousins wife is expecting their second child in Febuary so I will be starting a layette set for them soon. Yesterday a friend of mine passed away from her long battle with cancer she will be missed by all. This friend was an amazing and loving woman who taught my son some piano before she got to sick to continue with it.

May you all be blessed.