Monday, September 14, 2009

Surgery and Life

My mother in law was diagnosed with gall stones on Saturday which means that she will have to have that surgery and recover before she has her open heart surgery and she is not doing well due to the gall stones and we are all worried about her.

I have another friend who has to have his gallbladder out this Wednesday and then in October he will have to have a small part of one of his kidneys removed because he has a place on it.

It can't just be one thing it has to be many.

I had a very nice weekend with no where to be or anything that I had to do. I did get to visit with my dad and his wife for a little bit which was nice. I have almost finished my second sock and will post a picture of my first pair when it is done.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Walt Disney World & Birthdays

Today is my son's birthday, he has turned 15 yrs old and has not been in trouble nor given us a lot of trouble and I am blessed that he is mine. Where did the years go? I remember bringing him home from the hospital and playing with him and teaching him to walk and talk then it was off to school and now here he is a sophmore in high school with a possible future in computers and a very sweet girlfriend who is a freshman in college. Boy do I miss those curios childhood days of chasing critters and playing knights.

We went to Disney for 6 nights and 7 days and had a blast. We took along our son's girlfriend so they could go and do what they wanted and we wouldn't have to worry about them. We left home on August 15th and stopped about half way for the night then arrived at our destination on August 16th. We stayed at the All Star Music Resort in Disney it was a very nice room but not a very big room. We had a package deal which was our hotel room, park passes to all 6 parks (this includes the 2 water parks), the meal plan which means we had a counter service meal, a snack, and a table service meal per person for 6 days we also had the line passes which put us in the front of the line.

We spent a lot of time in the Magic Kingdom but we truly enjoyed Epcot the most. While in Epcot we enjoyed the following: We went on Soar which was a blast it's like you are floating over the landscapes and seeing all the sights. We also did "Honey I Shrunk The Audience" which was a blast, this was 3D and you were a part of the show as they made it feel like mice running up your leg and the dog sneezing on you and the small child carrying you around. We also did the Mars training which was great. My dh and I never did make it to the Hollywood Studios park and none of us ever made it to the water parks. My dh and I did make it to Downtown Disney and got to see the Lego store and all the cool Lego sculptures.

I got a lot of knitting in while traveling and resting in the hotels.

On September 21st my mother in law will have her 2nd open heart surgery in less than a year. This past Novemember they went in and tried to repair her heart valve but that did not work so now they must go in and replace it and I am praying that it will work.

On September 25th we including son's girlfriend we leave for Ohio Linux Fest in Columbus for the weekend. I am a little apprehensive about going since my mother in law will still be in intensive care but my husband is a coordinator for this event. I will get to go do some yarn shopping while there which I always look forward to doing.

May you each be blessed.