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Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Ok so I haven't been faithful to writing but here I am. My honorary granddaughter was born on June 4th, 10 days early and I haven't finished anything for her or seen her yet but will soon. We have been puppy sitting a 7 month old miniature dochshound (sp?) this week and the puppy will go home tomorrow evening. She has been a joy and full of energy. She will be missed but we will enjoy getting back to our normal lives. I received a phone call Monday from my dad's wife (married when my son was 3 yrs old) she had baked me a cake with chocolate icing that she makes and a loaf of sourdough bread that she also makes from scratch plus she gave me a beautiful necklace that has a single line of 4 CZ's going down to a large light blue square stone on a silver chain and my dad gave me money. My in laws gave me a very nice outfit. Next week is Purl Jam (knitting retreat) and sadly my friend s unable to go with me even though she is doing so much better, she will not be out of the hospital till the day it starts and feels she will not be up to it. My friend has donated her classes to someone who wanted to go but couldn't afford it.

May all have a blessed day.

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