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Friday, May 16, 2008

A Rough Week

Ok so not the whole week but it sure feels like it. I lost an aunt Wednesday night and learned about it last night. My friend who taught me to knit and who is supposed to be my buddy at Purl Jam (knitting retreat in June) had a stroke last night and is in the hospital. She is paralized on one side of her body but still has feeling so that is a good sign of being able to recover. I will go by the funeral home tonight and then we will head to the hospital (30 + minutes away) to visit with my friend.

I have on my needles at this time a lace ribbon scarf found on, a baby blanket for my honary granddaughter due in June, a dishcloth and a sock.

Purl Jam information can be found at sign up quick as the classes are getting full.

My favorite yarn shop is of course the most local shop to me and that is Mosaic. If you get the chance to visit Blacksburg, VA (VA Tech) and you are a knitter then this is a must stop and shop.

My son has his first semi-formal dance tomorrow night. It is the 8th grade dance and so we went shopping for his suit last night and ended up with a black suit, black shirt, tie, socks and shoes. I can't wait to see him in it and will post a picture.

Happy Knitting all.

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