Sunday, September 12, 2010

Paranormal, Trips & Celebrations

My husband turned 46 last month and we celebrated 27 yrs of being together as well. I love him more and more each day. My son turned 16 yrs old this past Thursday and it seems like yesterday that I carried him home from the hospital. I sometimes miss the baby but yet I am so proud of the young man he has become.

Went on a paranormal investigation at Bluefield State College last month and had a great time with the team and we did have some experiences which left me puzzled. While watching the monitors with my partner we heard someone/something yell (no one around and no one admitted to yelling), we heard a low whistle like someone was in the room with us (again no one was around or admitted to doing it) then we saw someone/something peek around a door on another floor (no one was on that floor or in that area). I am still waiting to see if we got any EVPs (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) and if what we saw can be explained.

Three of my husband's cousins are expecting babies in the next few months, the first is due in December (a girl) then a boy in January and another baby was just announced so it is due in the next 9 months. I will be posting pictures of finished baby items as I get them done.

We went to Ohio this weekend for Ohio Linux Fest and the boys had a good time. I was looking forward to going on my bi yearly yarn spree but was side lined by a migraine unfortunately and will have to shop on line. We are happily home now and resting up for the busy day tomorrow of school and work.

I and a friend have started our own business of jewelry & accessories called Gem-Adorn Creations and you can find our page on Face Book with a web page to be announced soon. Some items will be our own creations and one of a kind other items will be mass produced items. We will be offering home parties and our hostesses can earn free gifts and percentage off their items.

May you all have a blessed week.