Saturday, May 1, 2010

Life and some knitting.

Seems I have been very bad in not keeping this up but now with a new laptop instead of my little netbook I might be more willing to write more often.

Christmas has come and gone. Christmas day was hard but we still had dinner with the Williams family. I think that the little note and drawing that my great niece gave to my father in law (her step great grandfather) cheered him up some.

In January my husband lost an aunt (sister to my mother in law), she will be missed by many in the community. In April my grandmother Winters passed away and she will be missed by many.

April also saw the marriage of my husbands aunt Doris to her highschool sweetheart. It was a sweet wedding.

In February my cousin's wife gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. I knitted a baby blanket called "Cameron's Boats" which turned out beautiful and matched the theme of the nursery. I also knitted a sweater and a hat.

I am now knitting a pair of socks called "Leaves of Whimsy" and a scarf.

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