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Sunday, November 22, 2009


I find this post hard to write but not as hard as it would've been a month ago. On October 2nd my mother in law passed away, it has been a very sad and hard month for us but we are getting through it and my father in law seems to be doing well. I know that these first holidays will be the hardest for us all. My son was very close to his Memaw as he called her and I know he misses her very much.

I lost my job on October 9th and have been searching but no luck yet. I know that something will come along and soon.

Well Thanksgiving is this coming Thursday. I hope that everyone will have a happy Thanksgiving and will remember to count their blessings. The following is just a few of my blessings:

A loving husband and a son whom I am very proud of.

Parents that I love more than words can say.

Wonderful in laws who have showed me love.

Family & friends that are supportive and loving.

A roof over my head

Food on my table

Not having to do with out and the ability to help those that need it.

May each of you find the blessings in your life and be a blessing to others.